About Kovaco

From the Design | To Production | To The Final Product

Positive feedback from our customers is pushing us daily to higher production.

The best evidence of Kovaco quality and long-lasting products are our returning customers. Thanks to these customers, we are developing business partnerships with several countries around the globe. 

If You are interested to work with a company, which puts responsibility to provide customers with fast and innovative solutions on top, do not hesitate to contact KOVACO.


Every day, we are ready to supply top quality products to our customers. This is only possible due to our employees, who are dedicated to daily production and innovation. The core of successful operation of KOVACO is divide the production process to multiple stages. All our products are certified according European and Russian norms “CE” & “GOST”.


Our research and development department consist of team of engineers with long time experience in design and production of equipment attachments, welding positioners. We use the newest design software, which allows us to implement our new technical ideas to always improve the products of KOVACO company.


Our production facilities are filled with the newest high-end equipment such as several CNC machines, laser metal cutting machine and much more. We use our welding positioners in order to have precise welding in every position. We base our production process on great communication between our engineers, designers, managers and production workers from start to finish. We back up the quality of our products with exceptional warranty and service.


It all starts with the R&D department, which is made up of a strong team of engineers with years of experience in the design of attachments and welding positioners, as well as young promising designers. Kovaco uses the latest graphics software that enables the effective introduction of new technical ideas and the continuous improvement of the technological level of Kovaco products.

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