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In 2016, Kovaco's portfolio was enriched with fixtures. Clamping jigs are used to position individual parts of the final product, using manual or pneumatic clamping elements. The biggest advantages of clamping bars are lower costs, reduced production time and the possibility of clamping several smaller parts.

Versatile use

In 2016, KOVACO’s portfolio was expanded to include another production program – preparations. Clamping jigs are versatile. They can be used for special orders or modifications of standard products.

Individual solutions

KOVACO addresses each individual fixture demand individually. Each solution requires intensive communication with the customer, who must precisely define his requirements.

Design and production

Based on them, the design and production of a particular preparation is solved in the following steps:

  • the design, which is based on the documentation provided by the customer, is carried out by KOVACO,
  • the inspection of the documentation
  • the process of production and processing of the preparation, which takes place in the company KOVACO
  • handing over the finished preparation to the customer

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