Welding positioners


Welding positioners with a tradition of production since 1991

The KOVACO COMPANY With a long tradition, since 1991, it offers the production of welding and special positioners mainly based on customer requirements.

Profitable investment

KOVACO welding positioners represent an investment with a fast return on production, high reliability and minimal maintenance. Together with the comfort and safety of employees, they reduce welding costs and thus increase efficiency and productivity.

Individual solutions

The positioners can be individually customized according to requirements such as the size, shape and design of the clamping table, the use and design of the welding jig, adjusting the arm length and stroke, equipping the positioner with a positioning control system or working with a welding robot.

What are the benefits?

The main advantages of the use of welding positioners in the production process

– welding under optimal conditions
– safety and ergonomics during welding
– higher productivity and welding accuracy
– significant reduction of slack times
– reduction of energy consumption

Since 1991

During this period, the company has gained great experience and is a leader in the production of positioners for heavy and high volume weldments. Each case is evaluated, designed and solved individually and with maximum emphasis on customer needs. SAFETY is a basic parameter in the design and manufacture of positioners. All positioners are subject to the strictest criteria with strength calculations and are certified by TECHNICAL INSPECTION a.s.


Need help choosing the type of welding positioner?

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